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Jazzy Scents is the most popular freshener on the market! We specialize in Designer and Custom Air Fresheners, Room Sprays and Sachet Bags. We will be introducing a delightful line of candles in 2010.
Jazzy Scents are handmade air fresheners which last for several months depending on use, fragrance and exposure. Jazzy Scents uses only the best oil based fragrances to get the strongest most lasting scent.

Jazzy Scents are available in the following shapes:

Fleur de lis, Cross, Crown, Heart, Flower, Palm Tree, Dragonfly, High Heel Shoe, Cocktail Glass, Football Helmet, Gator, Deerhead, Butterfly,Maltese Cross, Mouse Ears, Star, Baby Rattle, Baby foot, Baby Bottle and Baby Onesie. 
We also offer seasonal shapes.

Jazzy Scents are available in team spirit colors!

We offer two tone Jazzy Scents to support your favorite team or school. They are available in Fleur de lis and the Football Helmet shapes and the following scents (Bird of Paradise and Boys Night Out).

Jazzy Scents is an EXCELLENT product for a FUNDRAISER!
Please contact us for a Fundraiser Brochure.

We Ship Worldwide and can be found Nationwide!

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Please contact us at jazzyscents@eatel.net or 225.715.0042!

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